Is A Container Right For You?

Have you wanted to invest in rental properties but have no idea where to start or how to afford a second mortgage? Have you wanted to add an addition to your house but feel overwhelmed by the construction and financing process? Why not consider a shipping container ADU "Accessory Dwelling Unit"? An ADU is "A small, auxiliary dwelling unit on the same lot of as the principal home. The unit includes its own independent living facilities with provisions for sleeping, cooking, and sanitation, designed for residential occupancy independent of the primary dwelling unit." Live Simply Homes, a family owned company in Grand Rapids, MI, builds custom habitable structures from top quality, repurposed, marine grade shipping containers. We turn these almost indestructible containers into custom ADUs to add to your property. The possibilities of an ADU are nearly endless. Would you like extra rent income to supplement your mortgage? Maybe create your own Airbnb? Do you have college age kids that have taken on so much student debt they need a small place of their own until they get on their feet? Maybe some in-laws that need extra care but without moving into a assisted living facility? Man Cave or She Shed? Home Office? The list goes on and on. The beauty of our product is that we custom build it to your design and taste at our facility and then deliver it to you.




Construct Container at Our Facility






Deliver Finished Container Home

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